Price, fuel economy and range, finance and depreciation

Despite being track-focused, the Mercedes C 63 AMG Black Series is still a very heavy car. Therefore, if you plan to use this car as its maker intended, you’d better be prepared for some lumpy running costs.

We wore through a set of Dunlop Sport Maxx tyres during our testing, and although that included indulging in some silliness for the cameras, it also included no more than three hours of track testing.

During that time, by the way, we also returned less than 7mpg. All of which suggests that a track day in a Black Series is not likely to be an inexpensive one.

Still, its brakes held out remarkably well.

Depreciation is as heavy as its rivals’. But if you can’t quite stomach the thought of the losses, take solace in the thought that, because of its brilliance, we wouldn’t be surprised to see this Black Series appreciating again after a few years.