Lined up alongside cars offering a similar combination of space, pace and prestige, such as the Alpina B7, Audi A8 W12, Jaguar XJ Supersport or Mercedes-Benz S500, the Maserati Quattroporte is a bargain, even if the smaller BMW M5 and Jaguar XFR make it seem expensive.

It won’t be cheap to run, occupying the highest bands for insurance and company car tax.

We experienced a number of electrical niggles on test

Although Maserati claims the Quattroportes will cover between 17.8 to 19.2mpg on the combined cycle, our 4.2-litre test car returned an average of 14.1mpg, giving a range of just 279 miles.

The list price does include a three-year ‘peace of mind’ service-inclusive package with roadside assistance. A good thing, too: the numerous electrical glitches our test car suffered made us fear for its long-term reliability.

Chief of these was the gearbox refusing to engage gears on four separate occasions until the ignition was turned off and on again.