The Maserati Quattroporte might have a disappointing ride for those looking for comfort, but the cabin will certainly please them. There’s huge space in the front and rear, and a finish that’s exudes a restrained opulence – the Maserati’s Italianate character is more individual than the sober approach of the Germans.

There’s bags of legroom in the rear, and not only does each outer seat adjust for height, but they move fore and aft as well, altering the angle of the backrest at the same time. Just don’t expect room to carry five passengers for any distance.

Like it's sports cars, Maserati's Quattroporte lacks interior space

Up front, the seats are comfortable, although the steering wheel could do with a little more adjustment. Behind the slender three-spoke wheel are simple and clear instruments in an elegant binnacle flanked by a huge number of buttons. The shear amount of switchgear is bewildering at first, but each operates one feature, so it’s surprisingly intuitive.

Standard equipment is extensive, and includes effective climate control, which can be adjusted separately to suit the needs of driver, front passenger and rear passengers.

Audio is brought to you via a combination of a Marelli multimedia system, which includes a music server and sat-nav, and a Bose surround-sound system.

You’ll need to pack carefully, however, because the car’s neat tail styling and a sizeable 90-litre fuel tank result in a boot of only 450 litres – 30 less than a BMW 3 Series saloon.