From £97,7957

Price, fuel economy and range, finance and depreciation

The Maserati GranCabrio carries a five-figure premium over its fixed-head equivalent, which is a bigger differential than with Jaguar’s XKR and BMW’s M6. The flipside is that you could easily park the GranCabrio next to an Aston DB9 Volante or Ferrari California and no one would think you the cheapskate. 

Not that any GranCabrio owner could ever be so described, such is its appetite for fuel. In the standard car we averaged 17.2mpg, which is a realistic figure for moderately enthusiastic driving and, comparatively, not terrible. However, the combined effects of the GranCabrio’s weight, the nature of its power delivery and a gearbox with only six forward ratios mean that, at best, it returns 22.0mpg. Whatever official figures may tell you, the Sport's figures are unlikely to be better, given it encourages more spirited driving.

The options are plentiful, not least the colour and trim choices, some of which need serious thought before opting for. Maserati claims a personalisation programme unlike any other in the world with over a billion combinations. We’d question the worth of some of them. Curiously, the optional ‘comfort’ seats don’t have adjustable lumbar support and aren’t actually that comfortable; they’re best avoided. The same could be said for the wooden steering wheel. Each to their own, but we think it is terrible. And if you want the dashboard to be topped in anything but a black material, it will cost you extra as an option. 

The biggest cost when you’re spending this money on any car will be depreciation, but here the Maserati will fare surprisingly well. Unless you really go overboard with the options, you should get back nearly half what you paid after three years.

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