Taken in isolation, the Lexus LFA is a remarkable machine, and a remarkable achievement.

Its construction is a work of art, and we cannot imagine ever growing tired of its engine. In 30 years’ time, we’ll remember the LFA’s engine as one of the greatest petrol powerplants in existence.

What disappoints is the failure of the Lexus LFA’s dynamics to engage the driver in a consistent way

What disappoints, though, is the failure of the LFA’s dynamics to engage the driver in a consistent way. In the right conditions, sure, the LFA is exceptional: composed, flat and breathtakingly fast. However, at this price, we’d hope for more. The Noble M600 and Ferrari 458 Italia offer more consistent all-conditions dynamics.

Which leaves the LFA as an occasional car, even by supercar standards. It’s one for a collection, only sometimes the right car for the job. That’s a shame, if for no other reason than its V10 deserves more frequent outings than its chassis will allow it.