Price, fuel economy, range and depreciation

It may be expensive to buy, but you can bet your life that a Lexus LFA will be a pleasure to own, given that it wears a Lexus badge.

The customer service that its dealers offer on any Lexus model is a match for that awaiting most owners of bona fide supercars, so someone who has spent this much money on one should expect to be treated like royalty.

The Lexus LFA's running costs will be astronomical, of course

Running costs will be astronomical, of course; no 500-off, bespoke V10-engined car would be any different. We averaged just 14.9mpg on test, but the biggie in this market is always depreciation. Limited availability will secure the LFA’s value for now, though.

Speculators are being deterred by a Lexus policy that demands owners can only sell their LFA back to the supplying dealer at market value or list price during the first two years.

That's measure is fine for the short-term, but in time the free market will impose itself and prices will reflect the car's enduring popularity - or otherwise.