There is a place for the consummate all-rounder, like the new Range Rover Sport, in every dream garage.

Something that – for those times when one is not racing a Porsche 917 or enjoying a Caterham Seven on the Stelvio Pass – will do any job thrown at it, from driving the length of the country, to towing a heavy trailer or taking people to the airport/school/shops/the other side of a muddy field.

I still prefer the full-size Range Rover, but this is highly recommended

The Range Rover Sport is that sort of car – the one with the go-anywhere, any time, every time capability, and which also blends in to most places you take it.

Most journeys are simpler in the Range Rover than they would be in almost any other car. It eases into your life. Not one of our testers returned saying they wanted more, or less, of anything; the Sport ideally hits the spot at which it is aimed.

What is also surprising is the genuine difference in driving characteristics built into the Range Rover Sport. It is truly built for a different kind of driver. If you're a keen driver who likes or needs the practicalities or elevated driving position of an SUV, it's hard to see an argument against the Range Rover Sport.

Even the 22mpg you’ll get from the Supercharged is tolerable, given the accessible and impressive performance. That we’d prefer it to be lighter is one of the few holes we’d pick in the Sport’s attire.

Make no mistake, this is an extremely impressive car.

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