For a maker with so little experience of plug-in hybrid models, Land Rover has done particularly well here. The Evoque P300e will appeal for rational reasons to company car drivers especially – but not just to them.

It feels slick, responsive and ‘together’ when driven both around town and out of it and this effectively separates it from so many plug-in rivals that have complicated-feeling, easily flustered powertrains.

A better plug-in compact SUV. Expensive, but slick and luxurious

A more refined look may have taken away some of the visual charm of the Mk1 Range Rover Evoque (2011-2018), but a more practical and rich-feeling cabin has added plenty of luxury-car sophistication, which the P300e backs up with impressive isolation and rolling refinement. And, for the most part, handling seems likewise uncorrupted by the extra mass that electrified powertrain has brought. There’s an impression of compactness and relative agility about this car that makes it more enjoyable and engaging to drive than the compact SUV norm.

Such qualities, in this case, come at a high price; but Range Rovers have never struggled to justify one of those when they go above and beyond the standards of their rivals, and this Evoque does that pretty clearly.

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