Only you can decide if you like the way the Kia Soul looks or whether to make room for one in your life. But it does have presence, looking like an escapee from a motor show, and its cabin is very roomy.

You also can’t help soaking up some of the feelgood features that the designers have incorporated. The red glovebox lining is daft but your passengers will talk about it, and the sound system is excellent. And although the Soul is hardly a rousing drive, it’s quite a good one – at least until those Nexen tyres encounter a wet patch. Ownership will be cheap and painless, too.

Concept car looks and a great stereo aren’t quite enough to do it for me

Kia’s attempts to pitch the Soul at a fashion-conscious audience, via some wacky advertising that includes triangular Polo mints and a postbox shaped like a rocket, may or may not work. But we like the idea and, despite its faults, we like the car.