From £15,1204

Price, fuel economy and range, finance and depreciation

For all its cheapness, the Ecosport was at least a relatively affordable compact crossover when it first came to the UK. Now prices start north of £20,000, rising to just north of £22,000 for a fully-loaded, 138bhp ST Line version. And when there are plenty of competitors available from less than £19k (and you can get into a 128bhp Dacia Duster for less than £13k), that pricing strategy looks ambitious in the extreme.

This car simply doesn’t justify a pricing position alongside plainly better-built, better-finished and more desirable European-designed crossovers. If it was somehow still a £15,000 car seven years after we first met it - or if, alternatively, you can negotiate a 25 per cent discount on one - some might just be able to make a car for ownership. But it’s very hard at full price.

Some in-demand compact crossovers do quite well for residual value but don't expect the Ecosport to be among them.

That’s in spite of a standard equipment level that gives you 17in alloy wheels, a Ford ‘Quickclear’ windscreen, touchscreen infotainment and navigation with smartphone mirroring, a rearview camera, cruise control and an AEB crash mitigation system as standard. Ford has omitted lane keeping on the car which, to some, might even be a selling point.

If you did buy, there would be very little reason to venture beyond base-grade Titanium spec unless you felt you had to have the 138bhp three-cylinder engine. There is almost nothing between the two engines for lab-test fuel economy or CO2 emissions.

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