Not the best 1007, and heavy Pug is only an average supermini to drive.

What’s new?All of it’s new to the UK, and this is our first shot behind the wheel of a 1.4 petrol over here. Notables are those sliding doors and the effect they have on the rest of the car; packaging the door motors and strengthening the body means that rear passenger width and the boot opening are compromised. It’s heavy, too, tipping the Autocar scales at over 1200kg.What’s it like?See this week’s road test for more details, but dynamically, not at all bad. Meanwhile, the petrol engine is smooth, willing and quiet, although throttle response is poor and performance is severely blunted by the weight. With this 1.4 unit, it’s borderline acceptable; the 0-62mph is a claimed 15.6sec, but we barely beat 17sec on the test track.Should I buy one?If you desperately require the cabin accessibility that the sliding doors offer, maybe, but note this isn’t the best 1007 – it’s just too slothful. The diesel’s a better bet, but even so, there are better superminis out there.

Matt Prior

Matt Prior
Title: Editor-at-large

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