From £12,630
Fine performer and surprisingly agile, but cheaper and more refined 1.3 makes more sense.

What’s new? All Doblos get a restyled front end, swapping the fussy headlights and black plastic bumpers of old for a simpler, more contemporary look. There’s also an upgraded interior and minor suspension tweaks, plus every engine in the Doblo line-up has either been replaced or reworked. Sitting at the top of the pile is a new Euro 4-compliant 120bhp 1.9-litre turbodiesel with Multijet injection. What’s it like? The range-topping turbodiesel provides a useful step-up in performance over the other diesel engines and, despite having exactly the same amount of torque as before, it never feels out of breath when hauling heavy loads. There’s quite a lot of diesel clatter on start-up, but things improve once you’re up to cruising speed. The Doblo is also surprisingly agile and composed given its boxy shape, although there’s a lot of wind noise on the motorway. Should I buy one? Possibly. The Doblo is spacious, and if you’re considering the seven-seater Family model and regularly travel long distances then the new 120bhp Multijet engine makes a lot of sense. Most people, however, will find the 85bhp of the upgraded 1.3-litre Multijet sufficient. It’s not only expected to be almost £2000 cheaper than the flagship 1.9, but it is also more refined.

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