There are faster cars on sale, more expensive and more glamorous machines, but the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano is currently the most complete GT ever conceived.

It marries glamour and grace with a set of driving credentials only hampered by Ferrari’s decision to combine the chassis electronics into fixed groupings

A piece of brilliance. Fab engine, nice inside, sweet ride/handling.

Otherwise it is blessed with an exceptional engine and a fine cabin from which to control all that power, packaged in a body that is lighter than its predecessor’s

Unlike the few other machines with similarly explosive performance, the 599 feels entirely amenable to everyday use. Visibility is good, and it even has reversing sensors. 

But a V12 Ferrari should be defined by the way it drives and, putting aside those damper issues, the GTB Fiorano is a car that questions the need to reach any further up the supercar ladder. 

The 575M blind alley is now forgotten; long live the superb 599