From £205,78810

Price, fuel economy, range and depreciation

If you need us to reassure you about the running costs of a Ferrari 599 GTB, you shouldn’t buy one. 

But at least running this V12 Ferrari shouldn’t be a nightmare; the days of annual engine-out belt changes are gone and modern electronics have reduced the 575M’s ludicrous tally of ECUs to something more manageable. 

Few will enter 599 ownership unaware of the vast running costs

Still, you can expect all the usual costs involved with running a V12 supercar. Tyres, servicing, fuel… all of it will cost what to most of us would be a small fortune, but to those who can afford the car these are likely to be justifiable costs. 

They are not out of the ordinary for such a vehicle. 

Depreciation is also very respectable. Prices for the earliest examples have only dared to dip below £100k just as the 599’s successor is announced

And with such a highly acclaimed car as this – one that has rightfully become a highlight in the recent history of Ferrari – it’s unlikely that prices will ever slide into the realms of everyday affordability.