From £205,78810

Dashboard, infotainment, sat-nav and passenger space

Deliberately driver-centric, the 599’s cabin is a gran turismo benchmark for its sense of style and innovation. But Ferrari deserves special praise for not allowing style to compromise its efficiency as a workplace. 

The seating position is electrically adjustable, the only fault being that some will want the wheel higher than it goes. 

The seat itself pinches the mid-section perfectly. Ahead is an instrument binnacle consisting of a simply expressed analogue speedometer and revcounter and an electronic display for every other function. This is a compelling mixture of arcade-game fantasy, irritating folly and genuinely useful information. However, as a gesture to the past and a glimpse at the future it works very well. 

Two large carbonfibre paddles (part of the £7k interior carbon pack) sit behind the three-spoke wheel. They are fixed to the steering column. The wheel itself follows contemporary Ferrari thinking with a starter button, optional shift lights recessed into the upper rim and the magnetic damper controls to the bottom right. 

Storage space is fine, with flexible leather door bins, a usable glovebox and a decent tray in the centre console. Some will bemoan the lack of a double-DIN-sized sat-nav screen, but we think the small hi-fi (with flap to cover it) and simple rotary climate control dials suit the cabin well. 

As in all Ferraris, the leather somehow feels and smells more expensive than it does in any other car. Boot space is adequate, and the rear shelf can have a small golf bag lashed to it, should you fancy a round. 

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