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Britain’s cheapest SUV gains a range-topping special edition

What is it?

The Dacia Duster is the ultimate example of the Romanian firm's ability to tap into relevant market segments with affordable, practical cars.

Launched in 2018, it was updated last year with a sharper design, better efficiency and a spruced-up interior. Now Dacia has added the crème de la crème of Dusters: the Extreme SE.

This plays to its desire to be seen as an outdoorsy, adventure brand. Plus, not many customers opt for the base trim, so Dacia believes it makes sense to feed the upper end of the Duster market, adding a specification based on its highest trim level, Prestige.

The special edition receives 17in black alloy wheels, exclusive Urban Grey paint and grey and orange detailing on the door mirrors, front grille and roof bars. Inside, the orange theme continues on the vents, centre console, stitching and more.

The engines remain the same: here we’re testing the mid-range 1.3-litre four-cylinder petrol with a manual gearbox.

003 Dacia duster extreme static front 2022

What's it like?

It’s surprisingly sprightly, ambling comfortably around town but also no slouch on motorways.

The steering is light and a little indirect but not upsettingly so. In this sense, it has more feel than the Citroën C3 Aircross.

Those inclined to chuck it around corners would discover considerable roll, but this is so far from the Duster’s intended purpose that it’s largely irrelevant. The ride is mostly comfortable and squishy but gets unsettled on shabbier surfaces. Another foible is jarring wind noise at higher speeds.

Inside, the Duster plays to its audience with hard-wearing finishes and all the tech most would want. The Extreme’s equipment list includes keyless entry, a multi-view camera, blindspot warning, heated seats and an 8.0in touchscreen with sat-nav, all of which work effortlessly.

007 Dacia duster extreme dash 2022

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Should I buy one?

The Extreme bolsters the Duster line-up, building on its strengths by adding even more mod cons for a reasonable budget. It might seem pricey for a Dacia, but very few SUVs can offer such good value and overall appeal.

002 Dacia duster extreme static rear 2022


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Timbo258 7 November 2022
I'm a fan of the Duster. There are however two important items missing from RHD cars. 1) somewhere to park your clutch foot. I gather some owners have created a cut out creating a space. 2) The car needs a rear central armrest. It makes all the difference to rear passengers on long journeys...or so my son, daughter and mother in law keep telling me. That is largely why the Octavia stays and won't be replaced by a Duster, which would otherwise fulfill most of my retirement travelling needs ( Including towing a small yacht)
Rick Maverick 27 April 2022

In case someone missed it, the Duster (and Sandero) are Top 10 best selling vehicles in Europe. Guess mostly bought by sane folks. Interesting too: YT is packed with video's showing the aftermath of road accidents and roadrage. Just 3 brands are featured: VW, Audi and BMW. Dacia drivers never crash, simple.   

xxxx 29 April 2022
Rick Maverick wrote:

....Dacia drivers never crash, simple.   

That's cause they know their chances of survival are next to zero

Timbo258 7 November 2022
They only lose NCAP points because of a lack of a few electronic stability gismos. Anyone who can actually drive is as safe in a Dacia Duster as in most cars. After all the most important nut is the nut behind the wheel when it comes to safety. You could just buy a Volvo or a Challenger tank instead of course.
And so what actually 26 April 2022

ExtremeWay, Stepreme, Extreme StepWay???