Barring badges and different trim colours and patterns, the interior of the C-Crosser is effectively identical to that in the Mitsubishi Outlander, including part-time third-row seats suitable for children. It’s well finished and feels tough, but buyers will look in vain for the sort of quality touches displayed by upmarket rivals, and found in Citroen's DS models.

By buying into an established SUV recipe, Citroën has also given the C-Crosser many of the virtues of the longer-standing members of the class. It has lockable four-wheel drive, five roomy seats, two extra folding seats behind those for the kids, a proper tailgate, a flat boot floor and nearly 1700 litres of cargo space.

You can only specify your C-Crosser with a six-speed manual, a shame because an auto would broaden its appeal

On the one hand, it’s hard to fault the C-Crosser for the amount of space it offers inside, or for the amount of equipment it offers, especially in top-of-the-range Exclusive guise. The front seats are a mite flat but entirely comfortable on long journeys and they offer support in most of the right places, while those in the middle row (which in most situations will be regarded as the back row) are well shaped and comfortable.

Even the occasional two seats in the rear are surprisingly roomy for children, although they are not the most simple to erect. But at least they’re there; the Freelander, BMW X3 and Toyota RAV4 don’t even have them.

The main issue we have with the cabin concerns the quality of the plastics, of which there are quite a few different varieties, and the rather cheap and not especially cheerful way in which the various buttons, stalks and switches operate.

Basically, there’s no difference whatsoever in the cabin materials or quality between the C-Crosser and the Outlander. They are identical inside, apart from minute detail badging. Given that the C-Crosser Exclusive costs considerably more than the Outlander, Citroën is asking a lot from its customers.


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