Crossfire's great looks are ruined by crass spoiler, supercharged engine adds pace but dynamics remain flawed.

People usually like the Chrysler Crossfire because of its looks. They’re utterly distinguishing, and give the impression of a car driven straight off the designer’s drawing board. So it’s a shame that Chrysler couldn’t leave them alone when it created what should be the ultimate Crossfire - the SRT-6. Instead, it has grafted on a cheap-looking chin extension and an awkward rear spoiler, crass additions that seem totally misplaced.

The supercharged V6 is fundamentally the same engine that appeared in Mercedes’ old SLK32 AMG. Its 330bhp and 310lb ft are up 115bhp and 81lb ft on the standard car’s, and enough for 0-60mph in an urgent 5.3sec with only a snatch of wheelspin, and on to 155mph.

Forced induction adds more willingness to the upper reaches of the already torquey V6’s rev range, and adds an occasional whoosh which is all the more enjoyable in the Roadster.

If only it wasn’t so tricky to steer. The lighter alloy wheels (18in at the front, 19in at the rear), uprated suspension and extra power are welcome, but they’re undermined by the imprecise recirculating ball helm. It’s simply too limp and uncommunicative for a real driver’s car.

That’s what Chrysler would have you believe the SRT-6 is, and that’s why it feels the £35,335 price is justified. In both respects, we feel a reality check is in order.

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