From £29,480
Charming, rather than convincing

What’s new?

You know the 300C that comes with the 5.7-litre Hemi V8? This is the same, but with a Mercedes diesel instead.

What’s it like?

Five metres long and spacious inside, the 300 CRD has, for an American design, a surprisingly stylish interior. The engine is refined and powerful, but while the 300 CRD is stable, it feels slower than figures suggest — blame the hefty 1920kg kerbweight. Chrysler reckons 85 per cent of UK 300C buyers will choose this German diesel-powered model, despite them having a ‘strong affinity for the US’.

Should I buy one?

It’s reasonably priced, well equipped and the most economical 300C. For some it will have strong appeal, but objectively mainstream rivals are better. Buyers charmed by the 300C’s distinctiveness will chop in their 4x4s and coupés, rather than E-classes and A6s.

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