When you climb aboard the Bugatti Veyron there are no particular physical contortions required of you by the world’s fastest car, as there are in so many so-called supercars. 

You pull on the beautifully crafted aluminium doorhandle, open the door wide and, once you’ve negotiated the highish, thickish sill, insert yourself easily into the seat, crafted from carbonfibre and covered in thick leather.

The cabin offers a sense of occasion, but it should with a price tag of £2 million

This is the most exquisite car cabin on earth, no question, even though the driving position seems intimidatingly low at first and the standard car's A-pillars are so thick there are big blind spots. 

First thing you notice is the beautiful centre console, which is made from a single piece of aluminium and is rumoured to cost around £17,000 all on its own. The drop-top Grand Sport Vitesse is fitted with an even more elaborate unit, constructed from carbonfibre and titanium, doubtless costing several times as much.

The Vitesse also features a windscreen-mounted spoiler to ensure the driver and passenger emerge as immaculately coiffured as they were when setting off.

From behind the wheel the instruments look small and surprisingly fussy, especially the speedometer, yet the overall look is sensational.

The reversing camera display is located within the rear-view mirror, an increasingly common place to put it, but more usually found on family hatches.

Luggage space in the tiny nose-mounted boot is tight, to say the least, but space inside the cabin is more than generous for a two-seat, mid-engined car. There is little point in listing what equipment the car has; whatever you as an owner want, you can have, basically. Except for rear seats.


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