From £88,8809

Price, fuel economy and range, finance and depreciation

Even without the BMW carbon-ceramic brakes, carbonfibre engine cover and M Sport exhaust system of our £101,900 test car, you’re almost certain to spend more than £90,000 on an F90-generation M5.

That’s a healthy wedge but, given this car’s demonstrably broad range of talents, you’d struggle to convince us that it represents poor value for money.

Relatively poor showing against the E63 and RS6 is surprising. Later Competition Pack may fare better.

With such a voluminous engine to feed, the chief concern for many will be range, although a 68-litre fuel tank and a touring economy that hovers around 30mpg bodes well: you’ll put at least 400 miles between motorway stops. Using anything like the car’s full performance potential can cause that to drop below 20mpg, but one of the delights of owning an M5 is that you’re at least given the choice.

Indeed, if you’re after a one-size-fits-all machine, there’s a good chance the search ends here. Six-hundred horsepower or not, this is after all a 5 Series and therefore a supremely practical, useful device.