Even with its substantial price tag, the BMW M5 has a breadth of ability that makes it almost impossible to quibble with for sheer value for money. Even if you fork out another 9 per cent of that price for the Competition Package, it’s still remarkable pace for your pound.

The 5.5-litre bi-turbo Mercedes-AMG E63 costs more and offers almost identical vital statistics. The Jaguar XFR is substantially cheaper, but the BMW should retain more of its original showroom price.

The new engine should help the M5 return at least 28mpg

Touring range and fuel economy were both barriers to choosing the previous M5, but they’re not so much for this one.

You’ll get better than 28mpg from the car at a conservative cruise – vastly better than the 22mpg of the old BMW M5 – and an 80-litre fuel tank means a real-world range is now on the right side of 300 miles to a full tank.

There’s little point in quibbling over tax and insurance in a 500-plus-horsepower car, but for the record, the M5 produces 232g/km of CO2.

Like most of its rivals, it's alarmingly easy to take the list price into the stratosphere. Our original test car had an eye-watering £13,695 worth of extras, although you could probably do without the £5000 merino black leather trim and £1500 night vision cameras. Much of the kit will be dead money on the used market too.


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