Our verdict might only matter if you can look the new M4 Competition in the face and still be interested in what lies behind it. Even if you can’t, you should know how versatile and complete a performance car this is. From chassis to powertrain to interior, this M4 is objectively and demonstrably better than the car it replaces, and its rivals, by quite a leap.

It offers striking and tangible handling poise, fine precision and superb controllability, along with trademark M division positivity of feel flowing through its axles, driveline and engine and back through to its controls. The M4 Competition is indulgent to drive but also more usable than ever, and the way the configurability of its driving experience can be negotiated via those steering wheel-mounted driving mode shortcut toggles is truly rare in a modern performance car driving experience: complexity brought emphatically to heel.

A very modern M car and a brilliantly versatile and enjoyable one

Like so many modern driver’s cars, the M4 lacks a certain rawness, but its blend of versatility and top-level engagement marks it out as something rather special.

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