From £133,2006

Driven hard, the Flying Spur’s thirst is truly frightening. But then this is a car that achieves 15mpg on a good day, and a Bentley has never been purchased for its frugality

Your wallet may be fat to afford the Spur in the first instance, but you’re unlikely to be pleased with a realistic range of 200 miles between fill ups.

Matt Saunders Autocar

Matt Saunders

Road test editor
The realistic fuel tank range is 200 miles

Depreciation is no worse than you might expect of a car of this ilk, but that’s still not really a good thing. You will still lose a five-figure sum on either the Speed or the standard car in the first year of ownership from new.

General maintenance and servicing costs are guaranteed to be dizzyingly high, too.

Ultimately, if costs are a priority you won’t be considering this car. But even by the standards of comparable performance saloons, the Bentley looks more than a little pricey.

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