This may be a coupé carrying a sport label in its name and it may be fast, but the Audi A7 is not an especially sporting car; rather inert handling and desensitised steering see to that. But it’s highly effective as the rapid, luxurious, hi-tech and stylish cruiser that Audi intended it to be.

Better still, unlike many modern Audis, it has a ride to complement these qualities. We’ve been highly critical of the ride quality on mainstream Audis, but the A7 is hopefully a sign of more forgiving things to come. This car rides well on UK roads, and that’s something we haven’t been able to say about Audis for a long while.

Jobs for the facelift: reduce road noise, sharpen the steering feel and improve rear headroom.

We’ve frequently waxed lyrical about the quality of Audi interiors and the A7, and now the Audi A4 and its siblings have finally caught up, is proof that Audi is taking the lead again. The stylish, swooping dash and delightful aluminium inserts make for a delightful cabin environment that’s beautifully constructed and well kitted out.

Room for four and their luggage, low CO2 emissions, good economy (from the diesels) and the promise of decent residual values add a practical dimension, as does the stability of all-wheel drive. The higher-powered 3.0 TDI is seriously swift, but the best blend of power, refinement and economy comes from the 215bhp diesel.

Handsome styling and an array of intriguing convenience features certainly add to its appeal, even if many of them cost extra.

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The A7 might seem like a niche offering, but we're not surprised it is selling in more than niche numbers, which means the impending 2017 model has some tough wheel tracks to follow in.