It would be easy to get carried away with all the intangible delights on offer in the Virage. And with good reason, because there is very little point to this sort of car other than to make its keeper feel good, and Aston is world class at that.

Were you to add the Virage’s carbon ceramic brakes alone to the spec of a DB9, this would raise the price of that car to within £15,000 of the Virage. If you then add the Virage’s vastly superior suspension, its more powerful engine and its extensively better-equipped cabin, it suddenly seems like pretty good value.

The V12 is an old engine now but it's still a joyous motor to use

So although there may be a whiff of familiarity about the Virage – not just in name but in its concept and execution – this is, without question, a very fine GT car.

Unfortunately, though, there is more to it than that. In most objective ways, this car has moved the game on for Aston, but only marginally. The Virage is far from a revelation.

It is, in fact, very much a more broadly talented take on the same recipe. And improved or not, some of the major elements of the interior are still unforgivably poor for a car of this price, the optimistic nature of which is the final element that deprives the Virage of higher recommendation.

Aston Martin Virage 2011-2012 news

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