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Bodystyle, dimensions and technical details

There’s no denying that the Aston Martin Virage is a beautiful car. This classic, evocative styling is what Aston specialises in, and it has done some of its best work yet with the Virage.

The Volante is intentionally more subdued than the DBS, but a front grille inspired by the One-77 and deeply sculpted side skirts ensure that it still looks purposeful. Its overall shape aids the impression of aggression, being marginally shorter and wider than the DB9.

With the windows up and the roof down, the Virage Volante offers good protection from wind buffeting, even at speed

Beneath its beguiling skin lies some strikingly familiar engineering. Up front is the formidable 5.9-litre V12, which is tuned in this installation to provide 489bhp at 6500rpm and 420lb ft at 5750rpm. Power is sent to the rear wheels through a rear-mounted, six-speed ZF torque converter gearbox.

Underneath is a modified version of the bonded aluminium chassis that underpins the DBS and DB9, and the Volante also gets a rear subframe to aid rigidity. One of the most significant updates is to the adaptive dampers, which we have seen before on the DBS but which have been adapted for the Virage’s more relaxed nature.

The driver has a choice of only two damper modes, being either the car’s default setting or a firmer setting which the driver has to select. But within these two modes there are five individual settings – softer ones in Normal and stiffer ones in Sport – that are selected automatically, depending on the road surface and driving style. The system is standard on both Virage models and complements the double wishbone suspension at the front and rear.

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