The Vantage’s rivals may have more or less a common price, but they’re designed to be used in subtly different ways and to appeal quite differently. But the Vantage brings real breadth to the super-sports car class and covers a lot of territory.

It’s a car you could drive every day if you chose to, and is probably more easily, comfortably and widely than anything with a mid-mounted engine. It can perform at close to supercar pace and now has fully formed track handling credentials, but it is also more characterful and fun at everyday speeds than plenty of its opponents. It has the kerbside desirability, interior richness and sense of occasion to rank as a genuinely exotic luxury product, too.

The faster, cleverer, more hardcore baby Aston tops its class

That’s a pretty complete array of qualities for any £120,000 sports car. We regret a little bit that Aston’s decision to give the car a more impactful look has made it less visually alluring (to most testers’ eyes) than its predecessor, as well as less compact and perhaps less well suited to some UK roads.

Still, we can’t think of another super-sports car that would make you smile more often, or for quite so many reasons.

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