From £117,2709

Price, fuel economy, range and depreciation

So, does the new Vantage merit a £20k premium over the outgoing V8 one?

Taking into account its burbling muscle car character, its fairly big-hitting performance and its remarkably purposeful, multifaceted handling, the answer’s not difficult to arrive at.

Moreover, it looks every bit like a £120,000 car as well as driving like one and doesn’t want one iota for desirability or exotic sense of occasion.

As for how much of that original value it’s likely to retain, there’s good news for Vantage customers. Value expert CAP currently forecasts it will outperform the residuals of Porsche both a 911 Turbo and an Audi R8 V10.

It’s unlikely that Vantage owners will expect any different, but this car isn’t one to delight you with its unexpectedly good touring economy; our testing suggests you’ll do well to record a true 25mpg on a long run. Still, a 73-litre tank at least helps put a few extra miles between fills.