From £165,0009

Price, fuel economy, range and depreciation

It’s already too late to attempt to cover the first half of this equation, yet also too early to assess what the first GT8s on the used market might fetch.

However, Aston Martin nearly new examples of the Vantage GT12 are changing hands for more than £400,000.

Storage space behind the front seats isn’t as good as in a Porsche 911, but its big enough to accommodate a couple of small holdalls

So if you did venture the £165,000 necessary to land a GT8 and worried that doing so might end up costing you dear, chances are you’ll enjoy residual values that are just another reason for every fellow petrolhead you know to be jealous of you.

The GT8 should be a very usable car by the standards of its breed when you’re not heading to a track day.

The hatchback rear end uncovers a good-sized boot that’ll easily swallow several soft bags and also grants access to what loading space there is behind the seats.

The rolling resistance of those Cup tyres doesn’t seem to hamstring the car on touring economy (29.1mpg as tested, with an average of 19.8mpg) or cruising range, which could exceed 500 miles.