In every form the Ariel Atom delivers thrills that are as exhilarating as any car can deliver – and there’s no greater recommendation than that.

All Atom variants deliver drama, technical prowess and pace, yet it’s still usable as a road car. Speed humps are no problem. Dress suitably and a weekend away is entirely feasible. This is a car for people who like using their cars.

The Ariel Atom is surprisingly usable as a road car, and starting at around £30k, it's still fairly well priced

It’s not just about pace, either; there is real feel, finesse, communication and subtlety to it, too.

If you have the spare cash to buy just one ‘fun’ car for your garage, we’d point you in this direction – albeit with the proviso that you do the due diligence on rivals.

That means taking a look at alternative takes on similar themes, including cars such as the BAC Mono, Caterham Seven 620R, Radical SR3 SL and Elemental RP1, all of which have their own merits at different price points.

Which one you buy will likely come down to personal preference and circumstances; what’s clear is that the Atom buyer is unlikely to ever be disappointed. Once you sampled and lived with it, it’s likely there will be times when no other car will do.

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