B3 has charm and supple ride of which an M3 could only dream
23 July 2010

What is it?

It’s Alpina’s revised take on the BMW 335i. Two years after the Buchloe-based manufacturer showed what could be done with through its B5, it’s tweaked that car’s 3.0-litre, twin-turbocharged motor some more and come up with the B3 S.

The B3 S has 395bhp, almost 90bhp more than the current 335i, and 398lb ft of torque, a rise of more than 100lb ft. That means that even in convertible form – some 200kg heavier than the saloon – the B3 S will hit 62mph in 4.9sec and go on to an unrestricted 185mph.

What’s it like?

Very impressive indeed. The stats will tell you that this engine is turbocharged but it’s a master of deception when it comes to character.

Which is to say that it pulls smoothly, strongly and in a linear fashion; it offers 294lb ft all the way from 1300rpm to 6000rpm. And that the high end of the rev range it howls. The exhaust and intake mods that helped to free up the motor also allow it to sing more sweetly than any current BMW six-pot.

The chassis feels close to BMW’s set-up, although Alpina’s own lighter alloy wheels and the lack of runflats do give the B3 S a supple ride that’s pretty much unmatched by any 3-series, without any major sacrifice in body control.

Criticisms? Well, it’s not light – but then, neither is a regular 3-series convertible. We’d also like the option of a manual, and we wish the steering was a little lighter at low speeds for urban use. But that’s about it.

Should I buy one?

We’d be very tempted – although we’d probably look at the saloon, coupe or touring before we’d buy the heavier drop-top.

If you really must have the ‘ultimate’ 3-series then you’ll probably still buy an M3. But anyone who hankers after the old six-cylinder E46 version’s rasp – and there are plenty of you out there, we know – should give the B3 S a long, hard look.

John McIlroy

Alpina B3 S Biturbo Convertible

Price: £55,250; Top speed: 185mph; 0-62mph: 4.9sec; Economy: 29.1mpg; CO2: 225g/km; Kerb weight: 1770kg; Engine: 6 cyls in line, 2979cc, twin-turbocharged, petrol; Power: 395bhp at 6000rpm; Torque: 398lb ft at 4500rpm; Gearbox: 6-spd auto


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27 July 2010

Alpina seems to be doing what BMW can't - provide good handling and ride at the same time. The sooner they wave goodbye to run flats the better in my opinion. And although it's about 10k more than a standard 335i it's performance seems closer to the M3 so not bad value either!

27 July 2010

Looks racy with the black guns, if it was a 200kg lighter it would be right on the money, although it is still an excellent car. [quote Autocar]

294lb ft all the way from 1300rpm to 6000rpm.

[/quote] [quote Autocar]

Torque: 398lb ft at 4500rpm

[/quote] Some kind of confusion here.

27 July 2010

[quote Nappeunnom]Some kind of confusion here.[/quote]

read: at least 294 lb ft from 1300 to 6000

27 July 2010

[quote Autocar]

We’d be very tempted – although we’d probably look at the saloon, coupe or touring before we’d buy the heavier drop-top.


I completely agree. If I won the lotto, I would get the touring version of this as my everyday car. Fast, fun, great ride, well built and exclusive.

27 July 2010

Note the red paint of this test car to make it stand out. It just looks too standard

In black or silver visually you would be hard pressed to tell the difference between this and a 320 with big black wheels

the M3 looks far far better

28 July 2010

Isn't that the point Andre Paul? To my mind, part of the Alpina appeal is their discretion. They are not festooned with huge bodykits but instead sport subtle enhancements. Looks are of course subjective however there is definitely a market for people who would prefer a subtle make over rather than a full 'in your face' transformation. It is for these people that Alpina exists, and they seem to be doing well from it.

28 July 2010

I totally agree on the "Q" car front. In fact, the black alloysspoil it for me. Alpine signature turbine style wheels please - so long as I don't have to clean them.

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