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We look back at the iconic German coupe

The hot R version of the Volkswagen Scirocco is set to go on-sale in the UK later this year, and to commemorate the iconic coupe, we’ve gone back through the archives to bring you a Scirocco picture history.

See the hi-res history of the Volkswagen Scirocco pics

The first-generation Scirocco went on-sale in 1974 and more than half a million units were sold before being replaced by the second-gen model in 1982. Although less popular, more than a quarter of a million units were produced before it was replaced by the Corrado in 1992.

The Scirocoo reappeared as the Iroc concept at the Paris motor show in 2006, before going into production two years later. The latest model, the Scirocco R, will reach UK showrooms in December.

New VW Scirocco R: full details

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david RS 20 October 2009

Re: VW Scirocco history in pics

Long live the NA 6!

T1berious 20 October 2009

Re: VW Scirocco history in pics

As a previous Corrado VR6 owner I'm stunned and amazed that it was left out the line up. the VR6 still is one of the best cars I've ever driven and I currently have a BMW 330 coupe (E92) . It was amazingly practical and had cavernous boot space. I actually quite miss it. Shocking omission of what has become a cult car in its own right. Odd considering how much Autocar applauded the Corrado at launch to the point of it beating the BMW 328 in a road test. Corrado, just another part of the VW coupe \ Scirocco history, do wish they'd stop with 4 pot turbo application and get a V6 in the new model. Cost prohibits a new power plant which is a shame. VW six cylinders please! :)

DavidMR 20 October 2009

Re: VW Scirocco history in pics

Uncle Mellow wrote:
How can you think such a thing? The latest Scirocco is a dog compared to the Corrado.
In looks, handling or performance?