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For the price of a brand-new Dacia, you can have all manner of great cars - here's our choice of the best

We’ve all done it.

We’ve all searched those online classifieds to see what we could spend our cash on, whether that cash is real or imaginary. It’s the 21st century equivalent of window shopping and it can prove dangerous, because sometimes when you realise just what mouthwatering machinery is available at keen prices, the next phase then begins: working out how to buy and run one of these dream machines.

You could take £8,000 and plonk it down in exchange for a brand new Dacia Sandero Ambiance TCe 90. Instead, we suggest getting something a bit tastier used, and as we prove here, you can buy something entertaining for even less. Admittedly not everything here is a sports car as such – think of some of them as sporting cars instead. What matters is that they’ll all put a grin across your chops in exchange for the same sort of money that a new humdrum repmobile costs in depreciation within its first year. 

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JCarter 16 June 2017

Love the XKR but

That pic makes it look like a jacked up pseudo off-road version with that amount of ride height, smaller wheels needed.
405line 16 June 2017

Smart Coupe...mmm

Got to be one of the coolest car designs ever, it was only reservations regarding the gearbox put me off taking a "flyer" on one about 10 years ago.
Ravon 15 June 2017

Gear actuator

A Digitech upgraded gear change actuator is a massive transformation for a Smart roadster, makes the gear shift speed, whilst never a PDK, perfectly acceptable. Superstevie is bang on in his price assessment .