5500 road tests and counting - Rover 75 lead
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From Humber Snipe to Rover 75: a quick walk through 5500 Autocar road tests

We invented the road test in 1928. Almost a century later, we've just ticked over test number 5500

20 November 2020
Fancy a driverless car to pick you up from the airport?
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Matt Prior: Mobility as a Service? You mean glorified car hire

Manufacturers are jockeying to invest in mobility initiatives, but are these really so different from what we already have?

21 August 2020
Infiniti Project Black - front 3/4
Infiniti is making a tactical retreat from the European market
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Matt Prior: How to survive as a premium manufacturer

Infiniti is pulling out of Europe, so where does that leave other 'luxury' sub-brands like DS?

26 April 2019
A dishwasher is fine at doing what it does, but a person could do it better
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Matt Prior: are robots intuitive enough to drive my car?

Autonomous technology will soon mean your car can drive for you, but probably not as naturally as you

22 February 2019
Police car
Drivers close ranks at the sight of blue lights and a speed gun
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Matt Prior: campaigning for more colours and cameras

Can speed cameras really change driving behaviours? It's a bit of a grey area - a bit like every car park in the UK, then

1 February 2019
RNLI Shannon-Class Lifeboat
RNLI is hoping to raise the funds to build a new Shannon-class lifeboat
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Matt Prior: 'tis the season to be grateful

In his Christmas column, Matt Prior explores his fascination with the RNLI's Shannon-class lifeboat, and the rationale behind the comparatively un-fascinating Skoda Scala

25 December 2018
Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio
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Matt Prior: you don't have to own an Alfa to be an enthusiast

The old adage about Alfa Romeos and 'true petrolheads' doesn't ring true for our road tester, but he does see sense in Twisted's business strategy

7 December 2018
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Prior's flirtation with varifocal lenses was brief
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Matt Prior: should drivers have their vision checked more often?

Our road tester has been offered varifocal lenses, which has got him thinking: can everyone on the road see well enough to drive?

30 November 2018
Opinion: The combustion engine won't die for another lifetime
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Opinion: The combustion engine won't die for another lifetime

Recent government pressure has reportedly signalled the death knell for combustion engines - but we're still not so sure

25 August 2017
blimp filled with helium
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How ethanol could change the future of fuels

Unlike hydrogen, with its explosive properties, ethanol is just as easy to handle as today's liquid fuels

23 September 2016



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