Currently reading: Qualcomm previews next-gen in-car tech with radical concept
Revealed at CES, the concept car showcases the American firm’s new Snapdragon Digital Chassis technology

American electronics giant Qualcomm has built a concept to show car makers the potential of its next-generation technology, including a digital ecosystem, state-of-the-art voice control and high-end artificial intelligence (AI).

Revealed at CES in Las Vegas, the unnamed concept has been designed to present the firm’s new Snapdragon Digital Chassis technology, which powers a “highly personalised and intuitive” in-car experience for the driver. 

According to Qualcomm, it “demonstrates the possibilities for auto makers looking to innovate next-generation user experiences.”

The firm claimed that vehicles will become highly personalised in the future, making use of cloud data, device configuration and AI. 

Designed with four doors (the rear of which are rear-hinged), the concept takes the form of a coupé-style fastback, with a front lightbar, a panoramic sunroof and premium digital displays for the driver and passengers. 

Qualcomm concept suicide doors

Technologies showcased include in-car AI and face recognition, which can detect each individual in the car and adjust settings according to their preferences, such as climate, seat position and recently used infotainment applications and content. 

Each ‘zone’ can also make use of individual audio settings, with personalised noise-cancelling and echo-cancelling, zonal phone calls and engine-noise suppression, the latter implying the technology isn't specific to EVs.

Qualcomm says other software, including voice control, has simplified the traditional touchscreen with a powerful new voice-control system powered by Soundhound. 

Other brands that Qualcomm has partnered with for its new system include Amazon Music, Bose, Zoom and games designer Vector Unit. 

Qualcomm concept front interior

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The concept's front display, designed in partnership with Taiwanese tech firm AUO, measures 55in pillar to pillar and is curved with a built-in camera for video calls.

The size of the displays in the rear of the car aren’t detailed, but Qualcomm said they can be used for online video games and media streaming. 

“There’s little doubt that technology has driven significant changes in the automotive industry, but the biggest are yet to come,” Qualcomm said in a statement. 

“The Snapdragon Digital Chassis concept vehicle brings the software-defined vehicle to life, showcasing an array of applications and services that allow consumers to extend their digital life into their vehicle.”

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Deputy 5 January 2023

Qualcomm is a huge company but this concept offers NOTHING over what I can already do with my own phone when I'm in the back of a car on the way to the airport or whatever! Noise cancelling earbuds, video calls, AI helpers, own games, face recognition etc.  This looks more like a primary school project (actually, they'd have more original ideas!)

Peter Cavellini 4 January 2023

Maybe they could fit the Car with a Gym?, the number of things that are being literally taken out of our hands in the name of progress is staggering, even today you can have nearly everything delivered to your House Door, with Transport it's just about the same, you could be picked up from your House taken to where you requested, picked up later at a time you specified, all without talking to another human.

catnip 4 January 2023

"...showcasing an array of applications and services that allow consumers to extend their digital life into their vehicle.”

How sad that you'd want to.