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New HTWO brand will see development of next-gen fuel cell for "diversified line-up of hydrogen-powered vehicles"

Hyundai Motor Group has launched a new brand dedicated to its burgeoning hydrogen fuel cell operations. 

Called 'HTWO', the new brand has been established to "help facilitate Hyundai's global fuel cell business and grow the hydrogen ecosystem". It will also see efforts to develop the brand's next-generation fuel cell system stepped up.

The forthcoming fuel cell system won't just be used in cars, with the Korean firm citing "various forms of mobility such as UAM [urban air mobility], automobiles, vessels and trains". 

Its benefits over the current system used in cars such as the Hyundai Nexo include "enhanced performance and durability at an affordable price in a lighter architecture with enhanced energy density". 

Although it is a global operation, the initial focus of development under HTWO will be centred on markets such as China, Korea, the US and Europe. The brand will also be engaged in wider activities, including "accelerating development of a hydrogen society" - likely a reference to the widely acknowledged lack of refuelling infrastructure across these markets. 

Hyundai has been one of the principal drivers of hydrogen propulsion in the car industry, introducing the world's first mass-production fuel cell car in the form of the iX35 FCEV. Since then, it has been among the first to launch a fully bespoke fuel cell model - the Nexo - alongside heavy duty trucks and buses.


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xxxx 12 December 2020

Toyota basically started on the wrong path 10 years ago and thought bevs would never overcome their problems, which for the most part they have. Toyota would rather lose 30k per  cell car than lose face. p.s. efficientcy has never been more important.

artill 12 December 2020

When some of the biggest and most successful car companies (Hyundai, Toyota, Honda) are prepared to invest massively in something, only a fool would dismiss what they are doing. 

If they want Hydrogen to take off in the UK, they need to get together and start building some refuelling stations. I am sure the cars would sell if you could actually fuel them.

I dont really care about the arguement about the efficiency, most people were happier to drive petrol when diesels went further on a gallon, just because they preferred them. I am sure there is space for both hydrogen and BEV once dinosaur juice is gone.

xxxx 12 December 2020

Well remembered, it looks like it has too.