Mini's new Countryman coupé will be dubbed Paceman, it has been confirmed
12 July 2012

Mini has confirmed that the coupé version of the Mini Countryman will be dubbed Paceman when it makes production.  

Seen in these spy images in Mini Paceman S flavour, the new car is tipped to go into production alongside the five-door Countryman next year. The Paceman was previewed as the Paceman concept at the 2011 Detroit motor show.

As this Mini Paceman S prototype indicates, the three-door coupé stays true to the styling of the Paceman concept. It uses the same platform and floor structure as the five-door Countryman and the same inner structure up to and including the bulkhead.

The car also uses the same windscreen as the Countryman, although it's had 20mm shaved off its height. From the screen rearwards, the Paceman gets an entirely new exterior. It's 4110mm long, marginally more than the Countryman, even though the front bumper is 20mm shorter.

However, there's likely to be no loss of shoulder room in the rear cabin compared with the Countryman. Unlike most coupés, the Paceman is also set to have significant rear legroom and more than adequate headroom.

As well as the rising waistline, the Paceman has a sloping version of the Mini family’s 'capped' roof which, combined with the rising waistline, further reduces the size of the side windows, emphasising the Mini’s 'three-layer' design theme of roof, windows and bodyside. The car’s C-pillars are tinted the same colour as the glass to give the impression of complete wrap-around glazing.

The big break from modern Mini tradition comes at the rear of the car. The vertical shutlines and vertical sheetmetal that characterise the other models in the range have been replaced by a surface that’s much softer and more flowing.

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Mini Countryman

The Mini Countryman represents the biggest stretch yet for Mini – for the car and the brand

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Mini has dumped the rule that Mini tail-lights should be vertical and surrounded on all sides with painted bodywork. The Paceman’s lights are substantial and cut right across into the tailgate, resulting in a most un-Mini-like rear elevation.

However, the combination of the wide tracks, sloping roof and narrower glasshouse means the rear wheels are well outboard of the side windows, and it all combines to make the Paceman look extremely purposeful from the rear.

The Paceman is likely to be offered only with the most powerful versions of Mini’s engines, in keeping with its billing as the most expensive Mini yet.

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4 May 2012

This is getting stupid now!!

4 May 2012

Horrible car. Much prefer the Juke.. :)

4 May 2012

I guess they are after their share of the Evoque market. Doesnt stop this looking a bad idea to me though. Therefore it will no doubt sell well.

4 May 2012

I hear there is a Mini Hatch 5 door a Countryman Convertible and a Clubman Convertible to come :p ok im taking the Michael but who knows it may well be with what they are churning out these days.

12 July 2012

Of course, don't forget the Pick-up version. At least the original had that. And what about the half-timbered version of the Countryman?

4 May 2012

Do they sell well? Aside from the first - and perhaps the convertible - the entire range is ghastly (looking) and actually I don't see so many of the other variants now I think about it.

4 May 2012

Okay, they've dealt with the back end of the car and from what I can see it looks a bit better. Now for the front......



It's all about the twisties........

4 May 2012

[quote humphrey the pug]This is getting stupid now!!

Getting stupid? I think we've surpassed that


4 May 2012

I can't begin to tell you how fed up I am with the proliferation of ugly Mini variants. The Rocketman was the only decent idea they've come up with, but of course it got canned.

4 May 2012

[quote Autocar]Mini’s new Countryman Coupe has been spied in testing for the first time.[/quote] This is just another pointless version of ........... can't really call it a Mini surely. Am I being daft, but are there many coupe models that are actually longer than their donor cars? I just don't see any merit in this at all. Is the Countryman selling well - have seen very few around my bit of Buckinghamshire, and they've all looked rather ugly and ungainly to my eye.

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