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Full-width digital dashboard and autonomous driving tech for Merc's baby executive

Work is well under way on a major facelift for Mercedes-Benz's C-Class family, just 12 months after it was first revealed, as these spy shots show.

The biggest exterior change will be a completely revised dashboard featuring a full-width TFT screen, very similar to that used in the new S-Class flagship.

The new dash will be fully reconfigurable, allowing the driver to scroll through a number of different graphic displays.

The new TFT screen will also be integral to a raft of ‘autonomous’ driving technologies that will be offered on the revised C-Class, which is expected to be revealed in late 2016.

The new car will be equipped with a raft of detection equipment, including radar, cameras and ultrasonic sensors, to allow it to ‘read’ its surroundings.

The ‘Stop and Go Autopilot’ feature being offered on the current S-Class will almost certainly be offered on the next C-Class. This system allows autonomous driving in traffic jams, the car self-steering to stay in lane and using radar and auto-braking to prevent low-speed impacts.

It’s thought the prototype C-Class caught winter testing in Scandinavia is undergoing proving trials to ensure that the car’s exterior sensors work as well as possible in severe weather, such a very low temperatures and with snow being thrown up by the vehicle ahead.

Other changes to the C-Class are expected to be relatively mild, including some cosmetic alterations to the exterior and interior trim and tweaks to the engine range.

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sirwiggum 22 January 2015

They need to fix the exterior

They need to fix the exterior.

Get rid of the bulbous rear lights and the chavvy front grille.

Bring back the understated elegance of the previous C class.

AddyT 21 January 2015


Roadsters trolling again! I hope the XE is a success but as usual you're giving its rivals a pasting and when the XE isn't even out yet! I saw a similarlry worded post from you recently when panning another car...forgive me for not remembering which car it was as your post must have bored me into forgetfulness! Anyhow, the C Class looks like a lovely car from those I've seen but I'm sure this new interior would definitely help in the long run!
Juzoik 21 January 2015


who exactly is Roadster trying to convince with the drivel that he seems to write every time Jaguar is mentioned? Can he read any of the reviews in the countless auto publications?