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BMW X4 spotted in less disguised form testing at the Nurburgring, 2014 launch expected
Darren Moss
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25 October 2013

The BMW X4 has again been spotted testing in Germany, this time in less-disguised form.

These spy pictures, taken at the Nurburgring, reveal that the car has retained many of the design features seen on the X4 concept shown at the Shanghai Motor Show earlier this year.

The X4 will be built at BMW's Spartanburg factory in the USA alongside the X5 and X6 as well as the X3, with which it shares its wheelbase. The X4 gets greater track widths to give it a more ground-hugging stance than the X3, however, and designers have added a coupé-like roofline and more distinctively styled sides, as well as an X5-esque nose. 

Sources have told Autocar that the engine line-up of the X4 will closely follow that of the second-generation X3.

The UK market will likely get 242bhp turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder and 302bhp 3.0-litre six-cylinder petrol engines alongside two diesel options, a 184bhp 2.0-litre four-cylinder and a 306bhp 3.0-litre six-cylinder. A plug-in hybrid version is also reportedly under development.

The car is expected to launch next year.


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We suspect the reason for the BMW X4's creation is because of the Porsche Macan

The X6 is a showroom hit, but does the smaller X4 also deserve to be when the X3 is the more practical sports SUV - and the Porsche Macan exists?

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9 August 2013

Couldn't they at least have tried to make it a little different from the X6?

9 August 2013

There's clearly room for an X3.5 in there somewhere.

What a ludicrous proliferation of models.

9 August 2013

Don't forget the X3.4 & X3.6.

26 September 2013

Not to mention the various GT models that look broadly similar.

9 August 2013

I think this design works better on the X5/X6 size vehicule. The X4 looks weak and sissy where as the X6 looks manly and ridiculous! 

9 August 2013

Why? Why? Why?

9 August 2013

Call it ugly or ridiculous, there's no denying that on the road X6 is impossible to ignore.

X4 brings similar muscular looks in a downsized (Range Rover Evoque size) package.

9 August 2013

.....but I quite like the look of this. Not as massive and expensive as an X6 but a lot nicer looking than an X3 (in my opinion anyway) and with much better engines, performance and economy than an Evoque.

10 August 2013

Certainly looks better than the X6 and the "concept" as a whole seems to suit the smaller scale of the X3 platform.

The issue is that I have no idea which demographic this car is aimed at, so I see little point in it.

That said, it'll probably become the new darling of the school mum run crowd.

12 August 2013

I think it looks rather nice, especially in that pale blue metallic colour.  Looks a little bit like a phase 2 clio, maybe?  By the way, what's that hideous ugly monstrosity with the swirly bits on it in the foreground of the other photos?


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