Currently reading: Paris motor show 2012: VW BlueSport and Bulli shelved for now
Volkswagen's BlueSport sports car and Bulli MPV won't see production in the near future as the numbers just don't stack up, says VW R&D chief
Mark Tisshaw
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28 September 2012

Production versions of the Volkswagen BlueSport sports car and the Volkswagen Bulli retro MPV concept remain on ice, as the firm instead seeks to increase its presence in fast-growing SUV segments.

Speaking at the Paris motor show, VW’s R&D chief Ulrich Hackenberg said VW needs to develop more SUVs, with the supermini-SUV segment – populated by the likes of the Mini Countryman and Nissan Juke – one particular market the firm needs to have a presence in.

The launch of such a model is likely in 2014, Hackenberg hinted. It will be based on VW’s new MQB platform and use the new petrol and diesel engines VW has developed for the architecture.

On the BlueSport, Hackenberg said the car was effectively ready for production, but it will not be in showrooms anytime soon as VW has not been able to make a business case for it.

“The segment is falling if anything,” said Hackenberg. “I don’t want to go to the board now with it as a rejection would kill it off completely. If we can make a business case for it, it can be put into production quite quickly. But if we make the proposal now, it dies."

The lack of a business case was also preventing the Bulli concept, first seen at last year’s Geneva motor show, from going any further. “It’s on ice,” said Hackenberg. “We didn’t find a market for it. There is no business case.”

The same goes for a Polo coupe, something that was also previewed at last year’s Geneva show with a Giugiaro-penned concept.

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McJohn 29 September 2012

Blame Herr Piech!

Superb argument from Christian Galea above, but sadly it falls on deaf ears. I reckon the villian of the piece here is none other than Herr Piech. His idea of halo cars from the VW empire are the Phaeton and the Veyron. I'd be willing to bet that he has turned his nose up at the Bluesport and the Bulli, and not one single executive in the whole of the VW empire will now push either of these forward, or that will be their career over.

Rich boy spanners 29 September 2012

Not really surprised. The

Not really surprised. The Blue Sport looks nice, but let's be honest, VW would probably sell 10,000 Golfs for every one Blue Sport. I don't see that many 2 seat cars around - for most people they're a niche, a toy, and often a 2nd or 3rd car, perhaps one you have for a bit in your early twenties or during a mid life crisis, and 2 door cars probably don't do that well in sales terms during a recession/depression.

VW doesn't need it as a halo model either, their image is good enough anyway.

artill 28 September 2012

I suspect they know they

I suspect they know they wouldnt be able able to make a car to compete with the MX5, which could be the real reason they wont make the Bluesport.