Renault-owned budget brand showcases renewed models in Paris. Both Sandero and Sandero Stepway will come to the UK
27 September 2012

Dacia has used the Paris motor show to display three renewed models: the Logan, Sandero and Sandero Stepway.

The Logan family saloon will not be coming to the UK, instead concentrating on Dacia’s established markets in Continental Europe and the Mediterranean. The Sandero hatchback will be available to order in the UK in October, with the Sandero Stepway crossover going on sale in Spring 2013.

The new models showcase Dacia’s new design language, which aims to be more assertive and upmarket. The three models share similar frontal styling, with angular headlamps extending from a new large grille design with prominent horizontal strakes, along with pronounced wheelarches and sills.

The previous Sandero Stepway made up half of the previous model generation’s total sales and the new iteration aims to appeal to a broader customer base, capitalising on the popularity of the crossover sector. Built on the same B0 platform as its predecessor, the Stepway rides 40mm higher than the regular Sandero hatchback and its miniature SUV styling includes front and rear skid plates, fog lamps and two-tone roof bars.

A more comprehensive range of engines is offered across all three cars, including Renault’s three-cylinder turbocharged TCe 90 unit. In-keeping with the aim for sales in emerging markets, all three models have been equipped with generous ground clearance and underbody protection for rough roads. Dacia says interior noise intrusion has been improved thanks to improvements in road noise control and increased soundproofing in the engine bay.

Continuing the brand’s customary minimal range of trim variants, the Sandero Stepway crossover will be available in two equipment levels. The highest trim level available for all three new cars boasts fresh equipment, including a Bluetooth-enabled multimedia and touch-screen navigation system. The Logan and Sandero range are now also available with rear parking sensors and cruise control, while front and side driver and passenger airbags and stability control are standard across all cars regardless of trim-level.

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Dacia Sandero

The Sandero represents basic motoring done well, for those who really want it

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The new cars have been designed with an emphasis on spaciousness. The new Sandero’s interior storage includes a new central cubby box and its rear cabin has space to accommodate three child seats.

Production of all three new cars will be shared between the Pitesti plant in Romania and the Casablanca plant in Morocco.

James Taylor

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27 September 2012

They really do have their heads screwed on at the moment.  This Stepway model is smart and has a lot of kerb side appeal. I can see this being a big success, not only in its traditional European markets but in the UK as well.



It's all about the twisties........

27 September 2012

Can't see why anyone would <£10k for a £6k Renault Clio when they could buy a £10k Dacia Sandero for £7000. 

27 September 2012

and Cool too. If you had £7k to play with, why would you want anything else?

27 September 2012

Just checked the Dacia website and its a very simple one, indeed. If the Dacia is being made in Morocco, this could signal a return to Africa for French cars. I wonder what their residuals will be like. An even bigger bargain in a few years.


28 September 2012

I hope potential buyers will not be put off by the locations of the manufacturing plants (Romania and Morocco); it matters not a jot! ... My Suzuki was made in Hungary and has given me 6 years of trouble-free motoring ... I certainly LOVE the look of the Stepway ...

28 September 2012

25 years ago the UK market had Lada, Skoda, FSO, Zastava, and even Dacia for a while, all cheap new cars. They were bought in quite large numbers too. More recently the Koreans have filled this part of the market.

As the Koreans decide to push upmarket it leaves a gap, and i am sure Dacia will do very well filling it. 

However the cars we used to be offered at bargain basement prices werent all that good, and i think this is where Renault have pulled off a masterstroke with Dacia. They are not (from what i have seen) badly made, just cheap. They deserve great success. 

28 September 2012

The Kudos for made in England - Germany - Japan etc died a long time ago. Unless of course it's made in Russia!!! Then leave it alone, with the exception of Hyundai and Kia who brought ALL their supplier companies with them. So it might be screwed together in Russia but it is 100% Korean.

As for the DUSTER series - really are great value for money. Who really cares about residuals when you have to fork out so little to start with? I still prefer the Duster because it is a proper 4wd - but these new guys will sell really well in the old east Bloc countries.


what's life without imagination

28 September 2012

Why can Renault get it so right with the Dacia brand and yet get is so wrong with their own models?    Dacia looks likely and to be very successful in the UK.   

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