The new Porsche 911 GT3 to receive its North American premiere in New York. It features a host of new tech, but does without a manual gearbox for the first time
26 March 2013

The American leg of the Porsche 911's 50th anniversary is underway as the new 468bhp race-bred Porsche 911 GT3 appears at the New York motor show.

The new GT3 has been co-developed by Porsche's road and race engineers. It includes key innovations such as a new electronically controlled four-wheel steer system but does without a manual gearbox option for the first time.

The GT3 is distinguished from the standard Porsche 911 by a new aerodynamic body that includes a deeper front bumper, extra air intakes and fixed carbonfibre rear wing.

At 1430kg, it weighs more than its second-generation predecessor, something largely put down to it being 85mm longer and 44mm wider.

Power comes from a newly developed 468bhp, 324lb ft version of the 3.8-litre, direct-injection flat six engine found in the latest Carrera S.

As well as being 39bhp more powerful than the previous GT3, its rev limit is up by 500rpm to 9000rpm. Power is sent to the rear wheels through a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox. Steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters feature, and launch control is integrated into the gearbox. 

The 0-62mph time is a claimed 3.5sec and the top speed is 196mph.

The suspension has been overhauled to reduce unsprung mass by 7kg compared with the 911 Carreras on which the GT3 is based. A variable damping system (PASM) is standard, as is torque vectoring (PTV Plus), which includes a locking differential.

The four-wheel steer system points the rear wheels in the opposite direction to the front wheels at speeds of up to 31mph for faster corner entry speeds. At speeds above 50mph, the rear wheels steer in parallel to improve stability.

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4 March 2013

Such was the brilliance of the 997 GT3 4.0, I'll be amazed if this new 991 GT3 comes close, more so with an auto box.


4 March 2013

electronics will play a greater part + i'm sure the box will be incredible. will run the GT3 4.0 very close. It laso looks quite incredible and somehow more balanced and squat than previous GT3. may be beacuase its wider. what about we have on options list some serious ways to loose weight ? panels, back window etc..


4 March 2013

Disappointing that it weighs more and is auto only, although these two developments are probably related, as a manual box would surely weigh less.


4 March 2013

look amazing!

4 March 2013

Too heavy for a GT3.....period!. How could the chassis be to the problem for the extra beef when the other 911's are lighter.

5 March 2013

I'm not a big fan of Porsche but this is spectacular!

5 March 2013

They still tread where others fear to even contemplate! Looks awesome too....

5 March 2013

I wonder if they do a BMW and release a Manual in the US only. Wuuldnt suprise. BMW USA have had a manual M5 for the last two generations.

5 March 2013

Porsche are a mass producer of cars,  not a specialist niche firm.  The GT3 used to be the ultimate specialist niche car made specifically for car nuts and gave the Porsche brand credibilty as a true passionate sports car producer.  However, under new ownership from VW, they are now only interested in chasing volume,  as all other VW product are...and there is huge volume to be chased with the market now dominated by the Chinese, Russians and Middle East.  None of these new markets have any interest in genuine passion for driving but only for labels, like a Louis Vuitton bag. The GT3 has overtaken the Turbo as the ultimate label for the iconic 911 and a marketing man's dream.  An auto car makes perfect sense to chase volume. The fact that the GT3 engine bears no resemblance to the Cup racing GT3 says it all really.  I've owned four Porsches, including a GT3.  I wouldn't contemplate another as they aren't interested in people like me anymore. Why would you want a heavy wide bloated sports car?? They'll be 'Porsche World' shops appearing on a High Street near you shortly,  just like that other tacky brand with their red auto 'sports' cars!

5 March 2013

'Four wheel steer turns the rear wheels parallel to the fronts above 31 mph to aid stability'. Anybody remember Porsche's Weissach axle introduced with the 928 that did something similar way back in the late 70s and 80s? Wow that takes me back!



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