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Jazz Si designed with the younger buyer in mind

The Honda Jazz Si will be launched next month, in a bid to attract younger drivers.

The Si trim level will be available across the Jazz range, and has enhanced looks and extra features.

Changes include16-inch alloys, a chrome sport grille and a rear spoiler. The interior gets embroidered carpets and Si badges.

Honda says the design was created following customer feedback.

On sale from the 1st April, the Si will prove a strong seller, especially for younger generations and combines low emissions and excellent fuel economy with sporty good looks.

The Si grade is priced at £870 over the 1.2 SE and 1.4 ES models, but Honda says it offers nearly £2000 worth of extra equipment.

Read the full road test on the Honda Jazz here




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accelerator 24 May 2010

Re: Youthful Honda Jazz launched

I think you've hit the nail on the head ref adverts. I notice in many car ads., it's about having a great time, being cool, getting the girl/boy, beating the traffic, having fun, having fun. Cut to the Jazz brochure. Metal and plastic. Very clinical. No people at all. No one having a good time. Accepted, there are no old people in the brochure, but young people and families are absent, too. No-one can relate to it. So there's no emotion, there's no 'heart' in the buyer's mind to encourage purchase. It then defaults to purchase by 'the head' - just the ticket for older people, who want substance (reliability, easy to drive, good value etc) rather than style. In terms of style it is extremely generic. Blink and you'll see the A Class's rear end, proportions of Fiesta albeit a bit higher bodywork, etc etc. To sell it as a sporty car, get some decent adverts, re-do the brochures. If it's portrayed in a youthful way it will be perceived as such. Why any young driver would choose an unreliable car, which depreciated like crazy is beyond me.. but hey, i'm in my 50's too. A broken down car isn't cool. My 14 month old Fiesta looks cool, I suppose, but my front discs need replacing !!!!! and the 3 year Ford warranty won't cover it, so that's £300 bill for me. THAT's not cool.

sportwagon 13 May 2010

Re: Youthful Honda Jazz launched

PhilM4000 wrote:
needing to carry 1 wet boarder collie (needs to go in the boot), 1 baby, 2 adults and a pushchair. Pushchairs are massive these days. It would be impossible to carry the above list in any other supermini or even golf sized hatch without putting the dog on a seat.

This is exactly the niche market that Honda should be going for. Forget the funkiness, it puts off everyone who is old enough to actually drive the thing, but fill the adverts with images of young families grinning from ear to ear as they happily transport all their offspring, pets and associated gubbins around with room to spare. The salespeople's only worry will be to keep the buyers in an orderly queue.

beachland2 13 May 2010

Re: Youthful Honda Jazz launched

japan really needs to hurry there small petrol turbos along, they are falling behind with nothing to offer.