Currently reading: VW's 1.4 boosted to 200bhp
More grunt than 2.0-litre GTI from tuned 1.4

A Swiss tuning company has created a 200bhp version of Volkswagen’s 1.4-litre Golf GT.

Sportec has tweaked the fuel, ignition timing and boost pressure settings of the turbocharged and supercharged unit, increasing power from the standard car's 158bhp.

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The 1.4-litre unit now has 211lb ft of torque, whereas the new 2.0-litre Golf GTI produces 206lb ft.

The modifications have cut the 0-62mph time from 8.2sec to 6.8, while 111mph (180km/h) arrives 3.2sec earlier.

Fuel economy is only mildly affected, dropping from 44.8mpg to 42mpg. The conversion costs £550, including installation.

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