Most powerful Touareg arrives with a £61,885 price tag
10 March 2008

The high-performance, range-topping Volkswagen Touareg R50 has gone on sale in Britain, costing from £61,885. Volkswagen's asking for a £3885 premium over its current top-end SUV, the Touareg V10 Altitude. Autocar first brought you news of this 345bhp R50 model when it debuted at the Australian Motor Show back in October. It uses an uprated version of the V10 TDI, making it one of the fastest SUVs on the market, launching from standstill to 62mph in 6.7 seconds and on to 147mph. Only a limited number of R50s - which have a massive 626lb ft torque - will be available in Britain. Each one is marked out by a customised cabin with plenty of ‘R’ badges, heavily bolstered seats and Nappa leather trimming. The R50 also gets 20-inch alloys and lower, firmer suspension to improve body control. Audi will launch a direct rival, the Q7 V12 TDI, later this year, which looks set to trump the R50 in the mammoth SUV performance stakes with its 5.5sec 0-62mph time.

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Volkswagen Touareg

The second-generation Volkswagen Touareg has gone on a diet and become more efficient

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10 March 2008

It's going to be well made, perform well but why would you buy this over the Porsche Cayenne? The Cayenne S will handle and perform better than the Toureg and surely if you are spending £61k plus extras on a 4x4, you aren't buying it to tow a caravan to Dorset for the weekend....

10 March 2008

Not even if I won the lottery.

11 March 2008

Surely just an answer to a question nobody asked, so who will buy it.

But then I said that about the Cayenne turbo....

11 March 2008

It would bet better if it didn't come at all. SUV's surely have no place in the modern market and climate, sure if these cars had zero carbon footprint or at least low CO2 emissions (say <110 g/km) then we are on the starting line for the future. I do not understand that the most wealthy in this meritocratic society seem to be the most stupid when it comes to the impact of their actions on others and the planet. Tax them to Hell, I say, you may be able to afford a new one but Joe Bloggs will be priced out of running a second-hand one, maximize depreciation, get them off the road as soon as possible and get them recycled into something more worthwhile. If you want thrills, go to Alton Towers.

11 March 2008

The Touareg does have one major advantage over the Cayenne and Q7 in that it isn't among the top 10 ugliest cars conceived during the 21st century. Other than that it is pointless, pointless, pointless. What is this obsession with high powered trucks?

11 March 2008

[quote ravenviz]

...If you want thrills, go to Alton Towers.


No offence, but you might on the wrong website.

In general, I'm no fan of SUVs either, but I suspect many people who post here get a "thrill" out of diving cars they like, as well as using them for transport. But if you want to convince them to stop getting a thrill out of driving cars and instead get their kicks in Alton Towers, that's your prerogative.

11 March 2008

Agreed Raven...

Just what the world wants, another over sized, over weight and over priced unispired monstrosity. What did they do to design it, just make a passat a bit taller? with those wheels on it it looks like a radio controlled toy. I'm surprised people buy such Sh***. Actually, no i'm not. Britain seems to be increasingly filled with people so blinkered by media obsessed hype that "style" and "taste" are largely forgotten, hence the current (hopefully declining) obsession with SUV's and the like.

"Do you suffer from a goal-less life? Do you fear you neighbours think less of you because they can see over the roof of your car whilst standing next to it? Do you care so little for making your own choices that you're able to blindly follow market trends and fads without the slightest hesitation? If so, you should look no further! welcome to the car superstore for retards! We have a few choice cars designed for people just like you, but don't worry, our salespeople will be able to guide you through the decision process by showing you cars in different colours so you can just pick the colour you saw Paris Hilton driving next week and who cares which car it actually is!

Would you like a Porsche Cayenne? It's in silver

Would you like a Range Rover? It's in black

Would you like a VW Touareg? It's in blue

Well done! you've chosen your car, would you like to accessorise with anyone of the following retard-accessories to look great on the school run/sitting in traffic on the M25?

Bull bars - you never know when you might meet a kangaroo/5 year old child on the road!

Chrome mirror covers - because you have NO taste!

Tinted windows - because you think you're so important!

Brilliant! Car and accessories chosen, now just wait for the looks of pity from pedestrian/passing motorists... no really, that is pity, it is not and will never be jealousy. Well, at least not from anyone with a level of intelligence above that of nearly expired pondlife.

It's long overdue, but the government should simply ban new cars from having an engine size over 2 litres, you don't need a bigger engine - get over it. 2 litre cars are easily fast enough, accelerate quickly enough etc, there's just no need for anything bigger. Oh, before anyone does, don't bother with the "personal choice" type argument, the use of CFC's, lead paint, 4-star petrol and countless other chemicals have been banned in order to try to protect the increasingly damaged environment from mans insanity, exactly the same reasoning should apply here.

I'm sure someone will say that modern cars don't create many emissions, but that's only half the picture. Yes this massively over spec'd 6.7litre car may churn out fewer emissions than a 1984 volvo estate, but for every mile less it does per gallon, more petrol has to reach for forecourt pumps to be bought by it's incredibly retarded owners. That's more energy to extract crude oil, transport it to a refinery, more refinery costs, more transport costs on from the refinery and then finally when it reaches mainland Britain, more transport costs to the local petrol station. I don't mean costs as in money, I mean the costs of energy extraction on the world as a whole. How many miles to the gallon does an oil tanker do? can't be many, yet thats part of the picture and generally people are too stupid to look beyond their chrome mirror covers and work it out for themselves.

Either that or they just don't care... either way, I despair.

11 March 2008

[quote Overdrive]In general, I'm no fan of SUVs either, but I suspect many people who post here get a "thrill" out of diving cars they like, as well as using them for transport.[/quote]

I'm glad that my life isn't so empty of fun that driving a car provides my only entertainment. I'm also glad that i've realised that there's more to life than driving cars... especially on British roads which are generally poorly surfaced and busy, not ideal conditions for getting a "thrill".

Maybe my earlier post of "get over it" should extend to cars in general, or are people too stupid to realise road driving just doesn't get that exciting?

11 March 2008

Except the photo is not of a Touareg..........

11 March 2008

[quote noluddite]Except the photo is not of a Touareg..........

Ermmmmmm. Think you'll find it is.

I for one still find driving exhilarating but maybe that is living in the countryside where believe it not the suv's do have some uses. Try getting 3 kids, a dog and luggage in a Hybrid Prius!

Admittedly the cars in our family aren't quite as eco friendly as they could be but I do far more than most to help where I can in other ways.


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