Currently reading: Volkswagen plans new SUV offensive
Next-gen version of the Porsche Cayenne and new Audi Q8 to lead SUV push by VW Group, alongside other large models from Lamborghini and Bentley
Mark Tisshaw
2 mins read
6 May 2014

The upcoming Audi Q8 and Porsche Cayenne coupé are just two of the seven uniquely styled SUVs from five different brands that the Volkswagen Group is planning to spin off the new MLB platform Audi is engineering.

While the new Q8 will lead a model push from within Audi which will see the production of 11 new cars by 2020, the Cayenne will spearhead a similar attack for Porsche by expanding its current lineup.

While the new Audi A7 will be the first model seen from the new assault when it goes on sale later this year, there are six others also in the pipeline.

Audi Q7 - 2014

Chief among the changes for the Q7 will be the shedding of more than 300kg thanks to the lighter MLB platform. The result will be improved agility and economy. A plug-in hybrid variant will be offered. Expect a less aggressive look, too. 

Porsche Cayenne - 2017

The third-generation Cayenne is in development, even though a heavily facelifted current model isn’t due until later this summer. Expect an edgier, less rounded look for the next-gen Cayenne, inspired in part by the 918 Spyder. 

Bentley Falcon - 2017

The Falcon, as Bentley’s SUV is known internally, is due in 2017 and has been described as a “true thoroughbred” by bosses. It will mix sporting and luxurious traits with a 200mph top speed and refinement to better a Range Rover.

Volkswagen Touareg - 2017

A revised Touareg was seen earlier this month in Beijing. The next-generation model will again be the VW Group’s price-leading big SUV, but it will get a more luxurious cabin, a lighter chassis and modern, fuel-efficient engines. 

Audi Q8 - 2017

Audi's new range-topping crossover SUV will rival the likes of the BMW X6 and Range Rover Sport when it goes on sale. A development programme is currently under way, with the aim of getting the Q8 on sale within three years. It'll lead an upmarket push from Audi, and sit in the firm's expanded Q-badged SUV line-up.

Porsche Cayenne coupe - 2018

Although at an early stage at the moment, design proposals for Porsche's new five-door liftback SUV are already close to being signed off. Tentatively due on sale in 2018, the model should come as part of the third-generation Cayenne line-up and will act as a rival to the likes of the upcoming Mercedes-Benz MLC.

Lamborghini Urus - 2018


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Audi boss Rupert Stadler has said Lambo’s SUV is on track for 2018, adding that it wouldn’t deviate too far from the Urus concept. It will be the most extreme of the VW Group SUVs, with typical Lamborghini driving characteristics.  

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6 May 2014
Shouldn't this read VW PLANS OFFENSIVE NEW SUV?

6 May 2014
Does anyone remember the infamous "Replacement Technologies" from Arnold Schwarzenegger flick "The 6th Day"?
The Volkswagen Group and its SUV offensive resembles cloning on a large scale, raising moral and ethical concerns.

6 May 2014
So far this week, 1 VW article, 2 Audi, 1 Porsche, & 1 Lamborghini

6 May 2014
Why would any sensible person by a Bentley SUV at Bentley money,when essentially it is an Audi Q7 or worse,the Volkswagen Touareg?

It is just one car with many different prices.

It is just too much badge engineering.

6 May 2014
SJ19MB wrote:

Why would any sensible person by a Bentley SUV at Bentley money,when essentially it is an Audi Q7 or worse,the Volkswagen Touareg?

It is just one car with many different prices.

It is just too much badge engineering.

You got it.

7 May 2014
Lamborghini Urus if produced, is going to be called Taurus
- like the VW Up was going to be Lupo (until they changed their corporate mind) and Iroc was Scirocco. Now how boring is that?
Surely in this article you forgot completely about the other VW trucks, present and future, from MAN and, don't hold your breath, Scania....

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