Currently reading: Volkswagen announces huge price cut on new Golf R Cabriolet
New range-topping convertible price slashed in reaction to criticism
Jim Holder
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12 June 2013

Volkswagen has announced it will be slashing £5600 from the price of its new range-topping Golf R Cabriolet

It made the change following initial test feedback of the car, which was originally priced at £38,770. That initially made it more expensive even than a Porsche Boxster.

"The price and premise were wrong, and with the benefit of independent perspective we pushed very hard to get the pricing modified," said VW UK boss Robert Hazelwood, who confirmed the rest of Europe would also lower the price by a similar amount.

VW confirmed it will be cutting the list price to £33,170 - moving the Golf R Cabriolet into more palatable financial territory. By contrast the GTI Cabriolet starts from £29,755 and is just one second slower to 62mph.

The new price applies immediately, with VW promising to refund the difference on the six existing customer orders.

As a result of the price drop, VW UK has revised expectations of selling just 20 cars initially to more than 160.



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12 June 2013

Who were VW trying to kid? Apart of course from the six mugs who paid full price for this car (without 4wd) already. Thankfully VW saw sense in the end, but what an embarrassing u turn.

12 June 2013

Among other factors, I would say that Vauxhall Cascada's arrival may have a lot to do with Volkswage seeing some sense. I think some other cars in the VW armada could do with price easing.

13 June 2013

why would they pay 38 grand for an old shape vw golf with the mark 7 already out- it doesn't make any sense does it?  Also having a price range competing with a boxster is crazy.  The porsche is far superior in everyway.

14 June 2013

denyason wrote:

The porsche is far superior in everyway.

That's not entirely true - put four people in a Boxster and they'll all be very uncomfortable...

13 June 2013

they just sold 6?! that makes it rarer on UK roads than a Veyron, Zonda, Ferrari Enzo, Ferrari F12 etc

13 June 2013

Wow, 6 people actualy ordered this? At least VW has the decency to give them the £5600 back, and not make them look stupid (ehm...)

13 June 2013

As this car has not been for long, what about the few customers who have already bought and had their cars delivered at the previous, higher price? And whoever thought the R was worth almost £10k more than the GTi needs to be shot for such poor judgement, while it was clear that is only so far the Golf name will stretch to price wise and nearly £40k isn't that price.


13 June 2013

Lanehogger wrote:

As this car has not been for long, what about the few customers who have already bought and had their cars delivered at the previous, higher price? 

You didn't read the article, did you?


I think what this shows is just what mugs VW think we are, that they believe we'll pay through the nose to have their badge on the bonnet.  If they can afford to drop the price by so much it seems to me that they were just being greedy in the first place.  I have no problem with manufacturers making money - that's what they're in it for - but this sort of thing doesn't win them any friends.

13 June 2013

Surely there are more than six people on the VW UK company car scheme?  Oops, sorry, forgot... only about a third of them will be coming up for a new car this year...

13 June 2013

The 6 who bought it probably have more money than they know what to do with. If I won the euromillions for instance, I would have about 40 different cars, and to be honest, I would buy this for the sheer hell of it. It was not a sensible car at the original price. Now, though, it doesn't seem quite so bad.


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