Currently reading: Volkswagen announces huge price cut on new Golf R Cabriolet
New range-topping convertible price slashed in reaction to criticism
Jim Holder
1 min read
12 June 2013

Volkswagen has announced it will be slashing £5600 from the price of its new range-topping Golf R Cabriolet

It made the change following initial test feedback of the car, which was originally priced at £38,770. That initially made it more expensive even than a Porsche Boxster.

"The price and premise were wrong, and with the benefit of independent perspective we pushed very hard to get the pricing modified," said VW UK boss Robert Hazelwood, who confirmed the rest of Europe would also lower the price by a similar amount.

VW confirmed it will be cutting the list price to £33,170 - moving the Golf R Cabriolet into more palatable financial territory. By contrast the GTI Cabriolet starts from £29,755 and is just one second slower to 62mph.

The new price applies immediately, with VW promising to refund the difference on the six existing customer orders.

As a result of the price drop, VW UK has revised expectations of selling just 20 cars initially to more than 160.


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manicm 13 June 2013

So VW have lopped off nearly

So VW have lopped off nearly 6k? Bargain, now save even more and buy the GTI version instead you idiot.

Suzuki QT 13 June 2013

Hmmm ...

Has the VAG bubble finally burst? ...

Randy Cam 13 June 2013

I a way i admire them

because how many manufacterers admit they got it wrong?  Irrespective of which is the better car, this is the second occassion, there maybe more, when they confessed to getting it wrong. The other being Vauxhall, pre-launch Mokka hastily revising the suspension set ups for UK markets after condemnation by the motoring press.