First official images of the new Skoda Superb
9 January 2008

These are the first official images of the new Skoda Superb following the teaser shot released in December last year. See all the images by clicking on the gallery link above. The new Superb will debut at the Geneva show in March, and is billed with the task of taking the Skoda brand to a more premium buyer than the Superb currently attracts. Based on the VW Passat's architecture, Skoda has made it's big exec more spacious and usable thanks to its larger dimensions and hatchback layout. It will also gain a new touch-screen infotainment system to add to the premium feel.Petrol engine options are likely to include three TSI units; a 138bhp 1.4-litre, and 158bhp and 200bhp 1.8-litre units. More refined common rail diesel engines will replace the ageing units in the current model, likely to be available as 1.9- and 2.0-litre units in various tunes.Prices should range from £15,000 for the base 1.4 TSI, up to £23,000 for the range-topping model. More powerful V6 petrol and diesel models may follow after the car's launch in summer 2008.We've already driven the next Superb during testing in the Nevada desert, where it became clear that the Czech company's new large exec will be good enough to rival the best efforts of Volvo, and even parent company Volkswagen.

Click here to read the full details of our drive in the new Skoda Superb.

Our Verdict

Skoda Superb 2008-2015

The Skoda Superb offers German quality and Czech pricing, but does that add up to a great deal?

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9 January 2008

Wow, what an ugly car. Begs the question as to why! Would you not just buy a year old Passat???

9 January 2008

Looks like a scaled down slightly face lifted Phaeton.

Prices quoted look great value for the amount of car on offer, but a 1.4 engined version just does not sit right with me on this level of car.

I can still recall the 1.3 versions of the Cortina/Sierra and Cavalier lot and the demeanor of knowing it was just a 1.3. Skoda should be offering the 1.8 (lower bhp) as the base engine.

The looks are not as good as they could have made them, but tow the party line.

Having said all that, if it can live upto the expectations that Skoda will have i.e. that of making into the top 5 in the JD Power then it will be a good car.

9 January 2008

The argument for a year old car over a new one goes for most things, year old 3 series against new Mondeo for example. But if you are going to buy a new car, then the new Superb will no doubt be very reliable, roomy and well equipped. As for the looks, well, yes maybe they could have been better, but I personally don't like anything that BMW currently do.

I own one of the current Superb's and it has been the most reliable car I've owned, as well as the roomiest. Remember, they currently start off at around £14k. There are lots of much smaller calls well above this price, that are not any better made or equipped.

Finally my 2.0 petrol is group 8 insurance!

10 January 2008

Yeah the design isn't too impressive really. It looks lumpy and heavy. The roofline is very un-elegant. The front lights look too contrived and small. The rear lights look like they were stolen from a 10year old Renault Megane. Overall a bit of a dissappointment and too bland.

But hey it's Skoda, so it'll be priced well and offers a lot of space for the money. It'll deffo be a hit.


11 January 2008

What happened to the extra rear side window of the prototype? And the 'design language' of the new Fabia? The Superb could have all the Skoda qualities listed above AND look interesting...

11 January 2008

I have to say, given the other recent releases in this segment (Mondeo, Laguna), that i think the styling of the new Superb is exactly that. In fact I would have to say that if the car had a smoother bonnet and a large diamond in the grille, then it would be exactly what the Laguna should have looked like.

Bland-ness is all encompassng in this middle sedan section of the market, hence the Ford looks like a Kia and even the BMW 3-series has Toyota-a-like rear lamps. It is the old manufacturer jump-stop syndrome - they take a model forward in a big jump on one lifecycle and then get frightened and go all conservative for the next two.

Skoda should be applauded for having made this model different enough to the Passat on which it is based and yet obviously still a Skoda (even though I still think it would make a better Renault!).

21 January 2008

But a top spec well made reliable hatchback at circa £23k is fantastic. I may be tempted out of my 159 in a few years time.

21 January 2008

Some of you whippersnappers on here won't have been traumatised like I was in my youth with a trip to Devon in the back of my Grandad's orange Skoda Estelle. If you were in the back, it was 50/50 if the seat caught fire with the engine just behind it.

That cloth seat must have been the bulkhead too judging by the temp of the seat.

You don't know pain, you don't know ugly, you don't know ungainly. I'll take the Superb any day of the week over this abortion.

There is also Don Estelle.

And both Estelle's are harmful childhood memories.

21 January 2008

Great rally pedigree though.

21 January 2008

[quote Jon Hardcastle]

Great rally pedigree though.


Ahhh - yes - I remember.

Don Estelle was in the the 1978 BBC2 series pro-celebrity rallying. John Noakes presented if memory serves.

No-one could opposite lock like Don.

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