Toyota's new chairman reveals his desire for a Supra replacement
14 June 2013

Toyota's newly appointed chairman has revealed his desire to see the forthcoming Toyota and BMW co-developed sports car become the next Supra.

Toyota Supra on course for 2018 launch

According to Bloomberg, Takeshi Uchiyamada said the sports car should be like the Supra to avoid overlapping the Toyota GT86 in the firm’s range.

Uchiyamada said “It’s futile if we make something similar [to the GT86]”, but continued, “That’s what I want but it’s not me who makes the decision”. 

A spokesman at Toyota UK said he was unable to comment on any future models.

Earlier this year, Toyota and BMW announced a project to develop a mid-sized sports car as the first step as part of a wider collaboration between the two car-making giants.

The Toyota Supra was discontinued in Japan in 2002. Production spanned 24 years and four generations.

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Toyota GT86

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14 June 2013

Whatever comes out of this partnership of the two major motoring groups will be interesting.

14 June 2013

I really do hope they produce something. The Supra was excellent. Anything in the same vein will surely be a success.

14 June 2013

I've been intrigued by this tie up, surprised there hasn't been more investigation by the media. 

What will the BMW be? I would guess a replacement for the Z4.

16 June 2013

scrap - - 

You  said: "What will the BMW be? I would guess a replacement for the Z4"

Good question. Since the Z4 is no longer a real "sports car", all BMW has to do is move it upscale slightly, and plug in a Cayman/Boxster-range offering of their own just below that. They might even think about providing a manual transmission, and making this new car a mid-engine design, which would be nicely distinguished from the then upgraded Z4.  After all, the soaring popularity of Porsche's new toys cannot be lost on either BMW or Toyota.  And the GT-86 / BRZ twins do show market viability for a proper sportscar, at least at their lower price point.


14 June 2013

Two of the world's most successful car brands joining forces to give another one - Porsche - something to think about. A front-mid engined sports car with 911 poke (350-400 bhp) for Cayman money. Now that would be exciting news for car enthusiasts. 

15 June 2013

seems like a very odd marriage.

15 June 2013

but then the 435i already has quite a bit in common with the last Supra - 3 litre striaght six with a turbo in a coupe body.......

Time will tell what they end up with.

16 June 2013

Really, it is a unique collection to me from my view. Your new Toyota car is looking awesome and it is some difference between the others sports car. I hope this kind of car is perfect for the sports.


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16 June 2013

I am confused by this partnership. Not sure what either is getting out of it,more so for BMW..why would they need a partner to develop a sports car..already developing an i8. Have M performance platforms to use for sports car model if required! 

I think this is all part of BMW wanting Toyota battery/hybrid  tech know how..Toyota needing a high end performance halo model like the Nissan Skyline as opposed to a supercar such as the Lexus LF.

Anyway confusing model partnership, made sense with Subaru/ Toyota small sports car development..

16 June 2013

This will be an amazing car!!!!!!!


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